improvisation: homemade grills

To make your own grill, you don’t really need much. I had a cast iron pot that I dumped the soil out of. Added some firewood and a fish grilling basket. Voila: instant grill.

Once the wood burns down and flames are gone, it’s time to cook. It’s an all or none process, though, so timing is critical.

Although the coals burned pretty hot, I wanted to be able to cook on it a little bit faster. One of the things that they never tell you in grilling is that there’s a price to be paid by anything that touches the actual flames: it will aerosolize the oil in whatever you’re grilling and (1) burn the outside leaving the inside raw and (2) give the food an off flavor of burned oil. Not what you want.

Here’s the final modification.

I got tired of waiting for all that hard wood to burn down, and I wanted to use charcoal instead of using up my firewood. With a big piece of slate and some rocks out of the creek, I was able to elevate the bed to just under the grid. To keep it from making a ridiculous mess, I laid down some heavy duty foil onto the base. Clean up was a cinch, food was great. Problem solved.

I saw Farin’s comment about the smoker made out of an old refrigerator. That’s what I’m talking about. On the show Man/Food/Fire they show some awesome homemade jobs one that was made out of cinder blocks, a sheet of tin roofing, and a grate while the other simply a pit dug into the ground lined with bricks. Anyone else with experience with this sort of thing?


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