the elusive padron pepper

From buying seeds that won’t germinate, to scouring the world wide interwebs, I’d not found a good source of padron peppers. And then I stumble across a bunch at the grocery store in the fall. Go figure. Consider them the Russian Roulette of peppers, so they say. 1 in every 10 or so is supposed to be hot. Our experience was a little different, as all of them were pretty hot. But tasty. This is intended as a starter and goes great with cold beer or a nice acidic white wine. And for all of you that like recipes with three ingredients, here it goes:

a bunch of padron peppers (or other mild pepper)
frying pan with hot olive oil
coarse salt

Fry the peppers until the skin starts to blister.
Transfer to serving dish and drizzle with some fresh oil.
Sprinkle on the coarse salt and serve.


One thought on “the elusive padron pepper

  1. Last year the peppers from La Tienda were ultra hot and basically inedible. I bought some plants on-line this year and a buddy of mine grew a very good batch. Key is to get them when they are about an inch long. If allowed to ripen too long on the vine, they all turn hot.

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