2 hr Thanksgiving


Knowing that Thanksgiving would take place in “The Magic Kingdom”, I knew the only turkey I would be consuming would be a gargantuan smoked leg in “Frontier Land”.  Although surprisingly tasty, doesn’t really satisfy the Thanksgiving Day tooth.  So, before departing on our now yearly family vacation to Disney, I made a weeknight feast for 4 in about 2 hours.

No fancy techniques here…The turkey was a whole breast that I basted with a combination of soy sauce, miso, mirin, and butter.  Cooking time was about an hour and a half to doneness.  Sides were mashed potatoes, carrots glazed in ginger ale and cranberry cocktail, brussel sprouts sauteed in bacon, and the only think Rachael Ray has ever produced to appear on my table, stuffin muffins.  To save time, the carrots and brussel sprouts were par cooking in the microwave.  The “muffins” (a mixture of stale French bread cubes, sauteed onion, mushrooms, herbs, eggs and broth) were baked as the turkey rested.  Gravy was made with the turkey pan drippings.  Dessert was cookies.


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