quinoa and salad

renalmd turned me on to the sweet peppers, most grocery stores I’ve been to have them. Raw, charred, or sauteed they’re pretty good. This builds on textures and flavors, just make up your own variation. The interesting thing about quinoa is the texture it provides to whatever you’re building. They can be a grain filler in bean burgers (another post), but otherwise serve up as a worthwhile veggie addition, especially in an appetizer kinda way.

Cook the quinoa is salted water until just cooked and al dente. You need this texture, otherwise it comes across as a messier looking version of couscous. Remember when the filaments release it’s almost ready. If you cook a little slower, you won’t be as likely to overshoot it.
The rest is as simple as diced cucumbers, minced red onion, and basic red wine vinaigrette, and topped with raw sweet peppers. When you think about salads, it’s more interesting to think in terms of layers and texture. The quinoa is a grain, and if you’re gentle with it, you can use it to provide a bit of crunch. There are no rules to this. Just go to Whole Foods and check out the salad bar. Take familiar combinations and add kale, couscous, quinoa, curry, tofu, legumes, etc. to come up with something great.

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