we fall

But we pick ourselves back up. Life gets in the way, but it’s not like the fire isn’t burning. If you’re ready for a new sensation, we’ve got some good stuff coming. Back from the depths of vegetarianism and the most peculiar spring I’ve been through in a while, we’re still moving forward. Call it refinement of craft, or just trying to figure out the offshoot direction that we have to take our home cooking, we’re about perseverance. It’s crazy, but this is just a blog about a few people bouncing ideas off of each other, and yet we now have more than 10,000 hits. In broad, short strokes, here’s what we have to talk about:

1. Hot smoking and cold smoking, and how to use it and when.
2. Nashville gets a bunch of press. We’ve been there and sampled it, there’s good, great, but there’s also meh.
3. Foraging and edible plants. We have an interesting experience with edible plants, Noma, and Catbird Seat to share.
4. How do we carry forward the vegetarian momentum? I have a few ideas.
5. The spring grill. More than burgers and dogs. When’s the last time you grilled your salad?
6. The ubiquitous kale. Why you need to know about it.
7. The garden is growing, but it took a while. The virtues of DIY, what we’re growing, and why.
8. Local trends in beer service and consumption. It’s never been better!
9. What to drink with what and when. Rose’ season. What to know, what to look for, and why it was never white zinfandel.
10. With garden comes surplus. Pickling, preservation, use of over/under-ripe veggies. And a word on home gardening.

If you’ve ever read these posts and gotten anything out of them, please respond in comments either on Facebook or on the blog itself. We’ve gotten a few interesting questions, and we’re happy to field any question, no matter how obscure. If we don’t know the answer, we know where to look, or we can try to work it out ourselves. At the end of the day, we’re all about cooking food for our family and friends, and trying to do it better tomorrow than we did it today.



One thought on “we fall

  1. oliver did you write this filosophical ideas, I am so impress,continue your research please very interesting.Love. Mom.

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