another london broil

I really don’t have an idea of what the hell a London Broil is, other than to know that (1) they occasionally go on sale and (2) they’re super lean and flavorless. We can do something about that, because we have smoke.

Spicy beef bowl with tzatziki, parsley, and mango
Liberally salt and pepper 1 London Broil.
Start your smoker. For this application, I used cherry wood chips. Yes they’re a little hard to find, and yes it’s worth it.
Smoke at 225-250 until internal temperature is 130.
Slice thin on the bias, against the grain. You’re looking for a 45 degree angle. If needed, slice the meat into manageable strips.

! cup of yogurt
Small handful of diced cucumbers
2 minced garlic cloves
Juice from 1/2 lemon
Heavy pinch of fresh dill
Salt to taste

“Marinated” parsley

Separate parsley leaves from the stems, dress in olive oil until well-coated. Add apple cider vinegar and salt to taste.

Peel, slice, season with a little salt. If you need more instructions, you’re in the wrong place.

I think rice would be good, but we were thinking lower on the carbs. Put the beef in a bowl first, followed by the tzatziki. Top with parsley leaves, followed by mango, and then douse with your favorite hot sauce. I used Frank’s, in general my favorite is Crystal. The hard part is the meat, particularly in preparation and slicing. This is a hot-smoke style of cooking, but the temperature stays pretty low. The point is that you only need an hour to impart smoke flavor to any meat. The cherry wood I picked up online from the folks at, the flavor is really sweet with minimal bitterness. What’s funny about this dish is that it draws from multiple influences: tzatziki, mango, hot sauce, parsley. You get cool, smoke, salt, sweet. It’s not that you have to reproduce this exactly, it’s more of a starting point…


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