beet salad with strawberries

On cooking beets. I’ve tried the pressure cooker/steamer method, it’s too messy, but definitely faster. 20 minutes that way vs 1 hr or so at 300 convection. The pressure cooker would work fine if I were really pressed for time, but given more time to plan the oven works just fine. They’re done if they are fork tender, because if beets are undercooked everyone will know. Peel them and cut into bite-size chunks.
The other concept to grasp here is that of layering vegetable dishes and salads. I’ve tried tossing all of these ingredients in a bowl and dressing them together and it just doesn’t work. It might taste the same, but it looks like hell. You have to layer each ingredient to get the look you want. This dish comes together by dressing the greens first, then the beets separately and topping with fresh strawberries, pan-roasted pecans, and brie.


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