Pearl: bacon substitutes

What’s so great about bacon? Well first of all it’s bacon, dammit. It’s smoky, salty, crispy, chewy, porky, fatty, wrong but so right on many levels. It’s so complex, it really is irreplaceable as an ingredient. If you’re willing to compromise this little trick may be for you.
This is a Jennifer White original. Start with some thin sliced, store-bought smoked-turkey. Spray or brush a griddle with a little olive oil, and heat over medium heat. Add the turkey slices, flipping every minute or two until well browned and crispy. Pat dry with paper towels and serve as you would bacon, though it’s closer to pancetta. The only thing you have to worry about, is the occasional spattering and popping that occurs as the water cooks out of the turkey meat. This works for essentially any thinly sliced deli meat. It’s also pretty good thing to do if you have guests that, sic, don’t eat pork.


One thought on “Pearl: bacon substitutes

  1. have you ever thought about using kombu? in small portions you’re going to get a bunch of umami and salinity which is what the bacon would bring. The reason I bring it up is because of David Chang’s use of bacon and kombu to make dashi which is an umami-laden broth used in certain soup applications, particularly in japanese cuisine. You’ve had it at the hibachi restaurant when you had miso soup.

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