More sous vide

Another reason to sous vide. The technique allows for more interesting presentation of otherwise boring food. Take for example the lowly chicken breast. Pictured is a chicken breast “roll” that I prepared yesterday. I simply took two chicken breasts, seasoned them, placed them on top of one another in opposite orientation, wrapped in plastic wrap, and sous vide for three hours at 140°F. To serve, I sliced these into thick medallions, lightly dusted the cut side with flour, and gave a quick pan sear. Suddenly a chicken breast looks like a filet mignon. Even without transglutaminase, also known as meat glue, these chicken breast held together and appeared as if they were one muscle. The next time I fry chicken, I’m going to use this technique, wrapping the chicken roll with skin before sous vide, then flash fry at the end.


Or slice a bit thinner, sauté with a thin coating of Panko and your ready for a dynamite chicken sandwich.


5 thoughts on “More sous vide

  1. I’ve been thinking about sous vide followed by deep fry. I mean, it’s indulgent, but isn’t that the whole point of steak or any other meat that you’re cooking that way? You want perfectly cooked all the way through and a tasty outer. Why not do it?

  2. So here is my question for Mr. Sous Vide: Say i have a perfectly cooked piece of salmon that i pan seared and finished in the oven. Nice crispy exterior, tender flaky inside. And say this piece of salmon cannot be eaten before it goes bad. So my options are to toss it, or to freeze it. Say i freeze it. When i want to eat it, i need to thaw and then somehow warm it (cause i refuse to eat it cold unless it’s smoked) without cooking it anymore. Can your sous vide contraption perform both of those functions?

    • Freeze before you cook. Sous vide will save it. Actually freezing fish prior to low temp cooking kills any parasites that might live in “raw” or undercooked fish. Furthermore, add a little pat of butter and the finished result will be nearly identical to poaching in a butter bath…not kidding…butter bath.

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