Saturday Morning Continental Breakfast Buffet

It’s free, so eat up.

  • Drones.  I wonder if this is next development in take-out or maybe even grocery delivery.  Forgot the carrots and onions for that braised lamb shank recipe?  We’ll have them right over Mr. Big Dawg.  I also wonder how it maneuvers around the 80ft trees, power lines, and the small engine aircraft flight path directly over my house.
  • If you don’t mention bacon in casual conversation at least twice per week, then you aren’t my friend.  I realize this is from 2009, but is Super Bowl weekend, and WOW that’s a serious Bacon Explosion.  We did already talk about bacon this week, right?
  • Thankfully, this is NOT where found homemade sausage, wine, and cheeses in Italy last summer.
  • But this is.  And it’s on TOP of the hill – so no boulders – and excellent everything else too.
  • I’ve written previously on this blog about the lemon trees I’m growing.  Not as prolific as they once were.  I currently have one (1) lemon that is ripe, so I may only be able to make one of these recipes.  Difficult decision.

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