bde portland, ’14 edition

Things were definitely consumed.

This is more of a travel log and commentary, I don’t really have a lot of visuals. Click on the links to the websites to check out what’s going on.

Lovejoy bakers
Lamb meatloaf sandwich with harissa
Beef goulash with herb dumplings
Roast beef sandwich
Chickpea sandwich
Grilled organic (aka grilled cheese)

Apizza Scholls
Veggie plate: artichokes, marinated olives, red peppers, pappdew peppers, sundried tomatoes, bread, mozz
Margherita pizza
Margherita with shaved prosciutto
Pig and pineapple: pork shoulder with pineapple
Sausage with Lil Mama’s sausage

Slappy cakes
Make your own whole grain, sweet potato, and regular pancakes
Scramble with goat cheese, greens, lardons, eggs, onion
Toad in a hole

Mio sushi
Harmony roll
Coco roll
Ocean’s spring roll
Rainbow roll
Portland roll
Assorted nigiri including scallop, salmon, hamachi, uni, and mackerel

The Hazel Room
Breakfast burger
Smoked salmon crostini
Fresh grapefruit juice
Secret aardvark habanero sauce

Bread and Ink
Greek salad with chicken
Mac and cheese

Salt and Straw
Caramel and salt ice cream
Olive oil ice cream
Pear and blue cheese ice cream

Esparagus peruanos
Empanadas de carne
Anticucho de pollo
Conchas a la parrilla

University seafood
Dungeness crab
Yearling oysters
Smoked salmon


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