Julia’s Boiled Peanuts

Well, she’s done it. Julia has perfected the boiled peanut. Sure, countless others at your favorite roadside stand have accomplish this feat. But I would argue, that these peanuts have the perfect texture and salinity to put most others to shame. wow there still time, you need to whip some of these up for your Fourth of July celebration.

All you need: a 2 pound bag of raw peanuts, 1/3 cup of table salt, and water. Start by carefully washing the dirt and other shrapnel from the peanuts in your kitchen sink. Transfer the washed peanuts to crockpot, note that the 2 pound bag will nearly fill it to the top. Cover the peanuts with about an inch of water, poor on the salt, and give a quick stir. Here is the key to the recipe: cook the peanuts on the high setting of your crockpot for eight hours, then on low for eight hours, then turn to the keep warm setting for eight hours. After the first cooking., I would suggest opening a peanut paste it for salinity.If you think too salty, remove a few cups of the brine and replace with freshwater. If not salty enough, add some more salt. If you like different flavored bold peanuts, my suggestion would be to add some old Bay seasoning. Regardless, these peanuts really are perfect and I hope you’ll give them a try. God bless America.